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Watch a 360-degree video demonstration of Ardha Chandrasana. The Yoga Journal Pose Encyclopedia provides a 360-degree view of each pose. You don't just learn the poses correctly and safely - you gain a deeper understanding of each posture. Visit www.yogajournal.com for more yoga videos, news and more.
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ALO X NIGEL BARKER The ultimate action movie camera. The most epic yogis. The best performance yoga wear. This is what it looks like when renowned fashion photographer Nigel Barker makes mindful movement cinematic. Featured here: @andrew7sealy. Shop Andrew's look: https://goo.gl/3d9jsu Watch the series: https://goo.gl/kt7BjA
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I started juicing after I did a juice cleanse with
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3 lotuses: to the moon (chandra) to the nose( ghanda) in the water (pani)
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Start or finish your day by stretching the back of your legs and relaxing tension in your low spine. This vinyasa will open and lengthen your hamstrings gradually and relieve sciatic pain. Join Kim Shand, founder of Rethink Yoga as she walks you through a deep healthy stretch.
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